i use that word often. to describe a time spent, whether in solitude or with others. to define how sweet & succulent a particular fruit is when bitten into. to characterize a person, in appearance or trait. one would think with my college degree in journalism i would use a better adjective… a real one at that! but i don’t because this particular word is perfect.

i met someone this summer who made me feel loverly. it was only a 4 hour span of time, where we snuck glances at each other between bites of sushi. he touched my face, cupping my cheek like a treasure, giving cause for the roar of blood in my ears as my heartbeat raced — i’m positive he felt the blushing heat under his palm.

it was, for intents & purposes, a fucking good date — a loverly date; he was courteous, attentive and above all else, he made me feel valued. but somehow it fell short. abysmally so. i don’t know what it was lacking because HELLO? it was a loverly evening with a loverly man who made me feel loverly. so wtf?

maybe the word isn’t so perfect after all.


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