i like …

i like big butts and i cannot lie.

just kidding.

i like sunrises more than sunsets.
i like a clean plate.
i like to section off my food, food’s not supposed to touch.
i like crimes shows, they freak me out but i still watch them.
i like wearing high heels.
i like wearing flipflops.
i like socks, specifically the colorful patterned & knee high variety.
i like walking around the mall or grocery store jamming to my ipod or mp3 player.
i like having breakfast by myself at a cafe with a good book.
i like apple juice in the AM, in bed.
i like fresh squeezed OJ, it reminds me of my grandfather.
i like the Carpenters, that Karen Carpenter had a voice.
i like the name Atticus Finch.
i like to read the obituaries and wedding announcements in newspapers.
i like holding babies and the way they sound when they laugh.
i like soy sauce with my eggs.
i like taking on the opposite viewpoint sometimes, just to be ornery.
i like braids.
i like picnics in the park, with my friends, with baskets, simple foods & maybe a frisbee.
i like fallilng asleep to the sound of rain.
i like sleeping with the windows open.
i like dandelions.
i like making wishes at 11:11.
i like being accessories free.
i like ambling.
i like elephants and giraffes. i don’t know why, i just do.
i like jumping into puddles, making a big splash.
i like hugs where your arms & entire body feel like they’re remembering something from long ago.
i like baking & cooking for others.
i like quiet, peaceful evenings.
i like a good chess match. checkers too.
i like Spit tournaments. the card game, not the actual act of spitting.


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