i’ve a quirky streak. there is no rhyme or reason behind it all. and i’m ok with that.

1. john cusack was my first celebrity crush. it was his nerd character in 16 Candles that did it for me. patrick dempsey in can’t buy me love made me swoon.
2. i wore glasses until 11th grade because peter wouldn’t spring for contacts. so i tutored a 6th grader in math (my weakest subject) and entered a poetry writing contest. what i earned & won went twds my first pair of contacts. i will never wear glasses again. unless i get pink eye.
3. Voltron is still my favorite cartoon. of all time.
4. i dressed up for the midnight showing of the Return of the King. as an elf. complete with ears.
5. i used to make up LOTR trivia with the bff. she & i would keep points.
6. i know about 90% of the dialogue in Top Gun.
7. two words: Harry Potter. i cry STILL when i read the last book. the flood gates will be OPEN come this weekend during part 1 of the movie. BRING.IT.
8. my so called life still speaks to me… 15 years later.
9. foodtv and the cooking channel viewing are my idea of an exciting night in.
10. i get caught ALL THE TIME by coworkers either singing out loud or shoving grapes in my mouth (my record is still just 7… weak). i really should just keep my office door shut.
11. i watch Alias reruns. Sydney Bristow is my effing TV hero. after Vicky from Small Wonder. (tell me you didn’t walk around speaking like a robot and i’ll call you a liar.)
12. in high school i would skip class to read. rebel dork, if you will. my goal was to read a book a day. it’s alarming how little sleep i needed back then.

and last: my two most significant relationships were with an accountant and an ESOL teacher. both were crazy dork smart and i dug it. i also had a very minor fling with a php coder who spouted out HTML to me. {quiver}


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