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MD is currently in the death hold grip of Winter, i had to work from home both Thursday and Friday, wednesday was a half day as i dashed home to avoid snow delays and rush hour. my cousin got stuck in georgetown for the evening and some friends’ commutes home were upwards of 9 HOURS. as a result of working from home friday, i had to skip running (there was no way i was going to attempt to run in the slush outside). today’s run was not bad tho so i am pleased, despite having only done pilates ONCE in the 4 days i was stuck home.

however, during happy hour yesterday (yes, on sunday. don’t judge me) i snapped this picture with my rinky dink point/shoot. i am so looking forward to the warm weather and running *there*.

today’s stats:
203 calories


Getting Hurt

i realize i run (haha, get it?) the risk of turning this blog into a run-centric one but i promise, i’ll go back to being emo and rant-y again.

i recently dowloaded Born to Run by Christopher McDougall to my Kindle. i’ve heard really good things about this book from fellow nerd readers and runners i’ve been seeking out for guidance & ass-kicks inspiration. i can’t say i lurve his writing style, but it is easy to follow. i learn early in the book that “up to eight out of every ten runners are hurt every year. it doesn’t matter if you’re heavy or thin, speedy or slow, a marathon champ or a weekend huffer, you’re just as likely as the other guy to savage your knees, shins, hamstrings, hips or heels.

i won’t lie, i damn near shit myself. who likes to feel pain? i sprained my ankle once in 8th grade from playing basketball (read: tooling around on the court), it was not pleasant. i told Kelcy and naturally she put me at ease by saying “if you are hurt during the race and can’t continue, i’ll carry you. it’ll be our own ROTK edition.” (sirius points if you know what movie she’s referring to.)

all kidding aside, i am going to be stringent with my pre and post stretching, i’m going to do everything that i can to prevent any kind of hurt… so that statistically, kelcy is the one who gets hurt & not me. i kid, i kid.

my run today was good, despite a man who was clearly much older than me was hardcore running on the next treadmill, i kept pace with him when i did run which gave me a bit of an ego boost.

today’s stats:
1.77 miles
208 calories


Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?? -robert browning

i started Week 3 of Couch to 5K repeating Week 2, which is a bit disheartening but i’m listening to my body, and this is what feels right. today’s run had a purposeful feeling to it, i finally have a specific goal in mind. i mean, yes, the goal in general is to be able to do this Running Thing, to make this a Lifestyle but i need to have something to achieve. (thanks alot Tiger Mom!)

so during dinner saturday night with some girlfriends, one suggested that i try a half marathon this year. well yes, i had loosely thought of that but didn’t know which would be best. she suggested the VA Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September. that gives me seven months to properly train, but just as important, wrap my head and heart around this idea. i talked things thru with the bff, and BigK who is also doing Couch to 5K with me, is jumping in with both feet: she and i will do this together. VA Beach is right in the middle for us, me from MD and she from NC.

this is the motivation that i need. i thought about it all weekend. i am curious as to how i will go about this new challenge. i am so very scared that i will fail, but i’m more afraid of not trying. today’s email with BigK garnered an obnoxious amount of excitement, doubt and laughter. as i told her, a few things will come of this:

1. we are going to JAM at every mile with the band.
2. we are going to take shots with the lead singer of all the bands at every mile.
3. the lead singer of every band at every mile will have to hold our hair back as we throw up.
there’s no way around it, kelcy. it won’t be pretty.

her response:

this means we have to carry a camera while running. but i’m ok with this.
all i want to do is finish. even if it’s at 3 hours and 59 minutes. we’re getting a medal.

we are doing this for our health…
we are doing this because we are curious to see how this will end up, curiosity is a great motivator. fear is even better.
we are doing this for the laughs…
we are doing this for how our legs will look by sept.
we are doing this for the music.
we are doing this for the beer.

i gotta shoot for something, right?

today’s stats:
1.5 miles
160 calories

Jackass Run

recent g-chat with my friend bear:

Me: …since taking up running, i’ve been really busy…
Bear: RUNNING?! whatda how why? i have been doing jilian michales workouts on exercise tv. i enjoy her
Me: i’m doing couch to 5K with the intent of doing a 5K when the weather gets warm and hopefully a half marathon by the end of the year. i do pilates with nicole stewart sometimes, to stretch out my back.
Bear: hay gurl hay so you run outdoors?!?!? in the cold?!?! egads.
Me: no girl. my office building has a rinky dink gym with 3 treadmills. i take advantage of that shit. when the weather gets warmer, i’ll join a running group.
Bear: oh nice! if we had a gym i’d work out at lunch too. it actually give you a nice energy boost too! i do not enjoy treadmills. i feel like a caged rat or a hamster running on a wheel.
Me: i am not sure how i feel about running outside… imma hurt myself, i’m sure of it.
Bear: i feel like you would look graceful running. me, goofy.
Me: oh bear. i think you have a misconstrued view of me or something. i run like a jackass.



i hate being told what to do. i always have. i also have an issue with authority. i was the kid who got detention for talking back or not following directions. i did eventually learn to keep my sass but picked up another bad habit: skipping class. oh, the vice-principal would roll his eyes at me when i’d stroll into his office.

from an early age, i was taught to obey grown ups without question. at home, i had to do whatever was mandated of me and i hated it. i made the mistake once of telling my grandmother to fetch the damn scissors herself and got sent to bed early — missing out on Who’s the Boss?! that showed me, right? but the boiling rage i felt inside, all bottled up, whenever i was told to do something against my will… well that still happens, tho now i just dig my heels in and refuse to do anything.

i used to fight so hard & silently over the shackles of obedience. do you watch/read harry potter? the house elf is supposed to obey its master and when it disobeys, it beats itself as punishment. so a part of me, when i disobey an elder, i feel horrible. but if i were to obey something i don’t agree with, i feel a million times worse. it is an exhausting feeling!

i’ve thought about it, what is it exactly that offends me so much when i am told to do something? i think it boils down to packaging. offer me some advice, speak to me sweetly… i’ll more than likely do it. tell me, yell at me, speak down to me — i’ll ignore you. peter once told me told me that lecturing me as a kid and teenager and even now, is like throwing salt into the ocean… you add all that salt and it makes not a bit of difference to the sea.