two thousand eleven

the depth of my exhaustion right now is quite dramatical. but that is how i feel. i just spent 8+ days fulfilling a Life List goal. spain. there are no words to adequately explain that experience. whirlwind. crippling. breathless.

and on the 2nd day of this new year, i attended my first professional futbol game. tho i did not see my favorite player (Puyol) play due to injury, i sure did see a Victory. what a fantastical way to start this year off for me, as i embark on a few changes in my Life, one of which will be to this space.

i intend for 2011 to be a Year of Living Positively and that begins with my attitude. my life is sectioned off in a few, distinct segments: food, past, judging, and bitterness. hopefully this habit won’t be a hard one to break, and this year of living positively will extend to all the years of my Life.

i have to start somewhere, and tho i’m sure i’ll falter, i’ll keep going.

i wasn’t a fan of 2010. Bring.It.2011.


2 responses to “two thousand eleven

  1. Glad you’re back 🙂

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