Fallout from the Sky

“…dealing with the fallout from the sky that still hasn’t resolved itself…” ~Keanu Reeves

MD had some snowfall yesterday. nothing as bad as what the Dirty South apparently got. the BFF was stuck at home for two days. today, three people on my team didn’t come in. we only got like a few inches! it’s nice that it’s so quiet in the office tho. i’m not complaining. ok fine, yes i am. kind of.

this morning it took me a half hour to clean up my car, Gandalf. yes, i really am i that slow. but it’s because i take care to remove as much snow as possible, especially the top of the vehicle. there is nothing i hate more than driving on the road and there’s a car in front of me with chunks of snow falling off the top and as a result, there’s snow debris on the road & some lands on my newly cleaned car. it’s not safe. further, this morning a car in front of me didn’t even bother to clean up his back window, just a small patch for him to see. and he was speeding. WHO DOES THAT?! that kind of neglect and irresponsibility should be illegal. and i saw two accidents on the way to work.

to end on a positive note, my legs are not too sore from Day 1 of my Couch to 5K training. i’m heading out to do Day 2 now.


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