gimpy gait

day 2 of Couch to 5K was hard. my muscles are sorer than i thought. about half way thru the run, my left shin started to hurt and my right foot (around the arch) was throbbing. know what means?

i must run weird.

1.35 miles
150 calories which was ix-nayed by the fry fries i had at lunch. don’t judge me.


One response to “gimpy gait

  1. First off, C25K is awesome! Keep it up! If your arch was bothering you and is sore, it probably means that you either have a flat arch or a very high arch and your shoes are not supportive for it. If you have a flat foot, you need to buy running shoes that offer arch support. Nikes are great for high arches but are terrible for those who have no arch like myself.

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