looking up

i’m not gonna lie. i spent the weekend decadently. despite the massive amounts of WTFs the ravens pulled in the 2nd half of the game against the team that must not be named, despite my siblings being in town & me not finding out about until the very last moment, it was loverly. because i spelled out the ABCs with my feet, drank copious amounts of red wine with friends, and giggled with cousins. this Year of Living Positively kinda rocks.

i woke up early saturday morning to bake bread and my lower back was feeling odd. this worried me freaked me out. i hauled ass to yoga. i’m happy to say that today, Day 4 of this Running Thing: no back pain AND left shin didn’t hurt as much. this kinda makes me feel high. my friend Melissa sent me a link to some Warrior Dash in May, SHE WANTS ME TO JOIN HER TEAM. i’m sorry, but with descriptions like 3.11 HELLISH MILES, MUDDY MAYHEM, and BLACKOUT, no thanks. it looks like fun, but there is no way i’d get my shoes or my SOCKS that kind of dirty.

ask me next year tho.

166calories burned


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