Not Pretty Run

today was not a pretty running day. i did 20 minutes of stretching last night before bed, paying particular attention to my ankles and lower back.

fyi,  alphabet exercise? Solid Gold advice.

anyway, i showed up at the gym and there was a guy running on one of the treadmills already. i don’t know about anyone else but that always puts me on edge. i know i’m being ridiculous but still. he was running hardcore when i arrived, he was running hard core during my workout and he was STILL running hard core when i left. show off. i say that with the utmost respect, cus i am just jealous and i hope to one day be able to do that.

during my work out, it didn’t occur to me to not complete it, but it did occur to me that maybe Running just isn’t my thing. i still had the slight ache in my feet and tho my shins didn’t hurt, i certainly felt the strain still. sigh. i’m not quitting but today was just not fun for me.

to end on a positive note, i did just purchase Sugarland/Matt Nathanson tickets for their show in May. i am beyond excited, it’s actually in obnoxious territory, what i’m feeling.

169calories burned


2 responses to “Not Pretty Run

  1. How long have you been running? How many days do you run and for how long? If you want I can help.

  2. Your hamstring could be a minor strain. Best advice is if you feel it while you run either back off to a walk or stop completely. I have a friend doing that couch to 5k and loves it. Be sure to strength train on the days you don’t run to keep the muscle in a state of growth.

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