Jackass Run

recent g-chat with my friend bear:

Me: …since taking up running, i’ve been really busy…
Bear: RUNNING?! whatda how why? i have been doing jilian michales workouts on exercise tv. i enjoy her
Me: i’m doing couch to 5K with the intent of doing a 5K when the weather gets warm and hopefully a half marathon by the end of the year. i do pilates with nicole stewart sometimes, to stretch out my back.
Bear: hay gurl hay so you run outdoors?!?!? in the cold?!?! egads.
Me: no girl. my office building has a rinky dink gym with 3 treadmills. i take advantage of that shit. when the weather gets warmer, i’ll join a running group.
Bear: oh nice! if we had a gym i’d work out at lunch too. it actually give you a nice energy boost too! i do not enjoy treadmills. i feel like a caged rat or a hamster running on a wheel.
Me: i am not sure how i feel about running outside… imma hurt myself, i’m sure of it.
Bear: i feel like you would look graceful running. me, goofy.
Me: oh bear. i think you have a misconstrued view of me or something. i run like a jackass.



2 responses to “Jackass Run

  1. I just laughed out loud.

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