Getting Hurt

i realize i run (haha, get it?) the risk of turning this blog into a run-centric one but i promise, i’ll go back to being emo and rant-y again.

i recently dowloaded Born to Run by Christopher McDougall to my Kindle. i’ve heard really good things about this book from fellow nerd readers and runners i’ve been seeking out for guidance & ass-kicks inspiration. i can’t say i lurve his writing style, but it is easy to follow. i learn early in the book that “up to eight out of every ten runners are hurt every year. it doesn’t matter if you’re heavy or thin, speedy or slow, a marathon champ or a weekend huffer, you’re just as likely as the other guy to savage your knees, shins, hamstrings, hips or heels.

i won’t lie, i damn near shit myself. who likes to feel pain? i sprained my ankle once in 8th grade from playing basketball (read: tooling around on the court), it was not pleasant. i told Kelcy and naturally she put me at ease by saying “if you are hurt during the race and can’t continue, i’ll carry you. it’ll be our own ROTK edition.” (sirius points if you know what movie she’s referring to.)

all kidding aside, i am going to be stringent with my pre and post stretching, i’m going to do everything that i can to prevent any kind of hurt… so that statistically, kelcy is the one who gets hurt & not me. i kid, i kid.

my run today was good, despite a man who was clearly much older than me was hardcore running on the next treadmill, i kept pace with him when i did run which gave me a bit of an ego boost.

today’s stats:
1.77 miles
208 calories


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