running & kissing scared

i was looking forward to today’s run. i stretched and pilates’d my ass off yesterday and my body was feeling good. i actually woke up this morning without a dull ache in my back. SCORE. i’ve taken to sleeping with a big pillow under my knees, which helps alleviate stresss on the lower back. i also try not to slouch while sitting at my desk, which is hard as i have notorious shit posture.

and the biggest news of all: no shin splints or dull pain in my right foot! i mean, today’s run was hard, it was definitely a challenge for me, especially since i’m suffering from a cold and the burn up my nostril when i inhaled was brutal but i am so flipping glad i did it.

i am also looking forward to my date with Refugee tonight. when i talked to him last night i did tell him that i have a cold. do people kiss when they’re sick? that may sound like a dumb question but, well whenever i was in a relationship, i personally wasn’t big on it but my significant others did not mind. it’s one thing for me to be giving away germs, it’s another for me to be receiving it. i’m just saying.

i know that analysing all this is just spazzing me out.  it’s what i do sometimes.

today’s stats:


One response to “running & kissing scared

  1. Your posts crack me up. Period end of story.

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