set back

you know it was one of those weekends. a weekend spent away from home. i am still recovering from it, i skipped the Super Bowl, i was so hung over from Saturday. this is what happens when i don’t hang out with friends often enough, the occasion calls for crazy dancing and drinks to make up for the time lost from being away anti-social. there was no vomit, thank goodness, however, there was spilled wine, a girl pile-up, a kiss (!!) and 3am shish kabob.

today’s run was not fun, shin splints came back and i had to cut the run by 3 minutes. {pout}

last night while driving home, i remember praying for the nausea to go away and i looked up, there was a church.

at least i didn’t throw up.

today’s stats:
183 calories


2 responses to “set back

    • it was with an absolutely beautiful man, and it was highly inappropriate, as he is a friend & a good friend of a former lover. it just happened, i was mortified.

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