is romance dead?

so i was wrong. Refugee did reach out to me last night, completely unexpected. i did take his call, even tho i wasn’t feeling it. as always the call was rather stilted, and i carried it, filling the line with random words — even tho he was the one who had called me.

i think this is one of the problems i have with him. he doesn’t bring much to the table in regards to conversation. he’s not boring but he’s not stimulating either. is that possible?? it is.

10 minutes after hanging up with Refugee, he texts me. let me be clear, i hate texting. yes i do it out of necessity, and sometimes out of boredom but it is usually at a minimum. HE KNOWS THIS. every guy i talk to KNOWS THIS. because i make it clear, if you’re going to woo me, do it properly. call me old fashioned, call me high maintenance, i don’t care, no one comes near this hoo-ha thru communication on a cell phone device.

and his text? let’s just say i immediately wanted to tell him to grow a set. instead, i waited 30 minutes to simmer down, CALLED him (because i’m an adult, damnit) and told him i was busy until early next week and if we could touch base then? further, i told him that he can ask or tell me anything at all, in person or over the phone, and to think of texting as something high schoolers do and we’re not in high school anymore.

is romance dead? do people really communicate exclusively via text? cus i am screwed if that is the case.


5 responses to “is romance dead?

  1. I hate texting as well. It takes me FOREVER to tap out a message. I rarely text (rarely, as in I have only texted maybe 10 tomes total). Btw, I think you need to post about these upcoming dates of yours!

  2. I’m not a fan of texting either. Sure, it’s great when you’re someplace you have to be quiet but it just seems so juvenile and basic that it shouldn’t be employed in the realm of romance. However, you and I may be within the minority. I think most people under the age of thirty-five would rather text when they are nervous about talking to someone than actually make the phone call. Since texting is substantially more involved than just talking, I have to assume people are just uncomfortable with direct social interaction. I wish it were different but I think texting, as tasteless as it can be, is here to stay.

    That said, texting regularly creeps me out and I have my own axe to grind. If you’re interested:

    • i refuse to partake in the whole texting phenom. i make it clear to any one trying to woo me that i am not big on it, that i understand the necessity for it, that i do have UNLIMITED texting but i limit it to only friends, and even then, it’s to a minimal. they can keep walking if they’d prefer to communicate that way.

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