best compliment

my roommate was actually home last night and this morning as i was leaving for work, she looked at me and goes “you’ve lost weight.”

i won’t lie, that made me feel good. it’s not a noticeable weight loss, my jeans fit better and maybe i feel better (let’s forget about this past monday, mmmkay?) but damn if that didn’t put a spring in my step.

today’s run was not painful, at all. i was barely winded and i could’ve kept going. i spent about an hour last night stretching after having been in the car driving for 6 hours (i don’t recall roadtrips being so uncomfortable?!) and after my run today, i spent 15 minutes doing yet more stretches. normally i don’t take a shower until i get home, as i like to add in a yoga class after work but today. well i have a date and i can’t be all sorts of sweaty and grungy when i meet $5wordGuy*.

and that is all i’m saying about that.

today’s stats:


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