good woo

allow me to tell you what i find to be Good Woo.

guys who take the time to read an online profile, in its entirety. guys who listen. guys who pay attention. guys who can string words together into a proper sentence, complete with punctuation. i don’t necessarily want purple prose but please, for the love gawd, know the difference between your and you’re, their – there – they’re. that’s a cliff’s notes list of things i look for in a guy.

yes, i am doing online dating. i don’t meet people when i go out, i’m not friendly enough or observant. when i am out with my friends, i am out with them and i ignore the rest of the humans around. not exactly condusive for me to meet men. honestly, i’m not sold on meeting people at conventions or trade shows that i go to for work, i don’t want to be with someone that is like me in profession or whatever. so i figured online dating would open doors to people that i normally would not interact with. plus, i read resumes everyday, all day… i see online profiles like resumes, i screen them quite diligently. since signing up with match in early january, i’ve met 4 guys. that’s is how selective i am about this whole damn thing. i don’t respond to winks (i fucking hate winks. they’re like texts) and if i receive a generic pre-written email that makes it obvious that my profile was not read, DELETE.

i’m not necessarily looking for a husband (dear Lord, who goes into these situations looking for a hubs?) and i’m up in the air about even having a relationship. i just want to meet guys i normally wouldn’t and take it from there. if nothing happens by the end of march, when my membership is up for renewal, i’ll take a break. my spring is looking to be busy anyway. having said that, i still don’t want to waste time. money aside, my time is valuable. i don’t want to be going out every week night, that takes time away from my kitchen/food writing, time away from my own friends and most importantly, time away from Me. when i don’t have Me Time, i get cranky. it’s not pretty.

my date last night gives Good Woo. i call him $5wordGuy* because he knows how to write and talk. he reached out to me and i was instantly smitten by his words. i swooned when he made fun of my quirky shit, i hardcore quivered when he took the time to figure out the random food obsessions that i have and you know what? it was a generic date, of dinner at a local tavern, that lasted 5 hours. he neither drinks nor swears (and let’s face it, i cuss like a drunk sailor and my nickname in college was Lushy Lan. ahem.) the entire evening i wanted to hold his hand. who am i??? i don’t even know myself!

it all boiled down to a few detailed things: he listened to me, he paid attention to everything i’ve ever told him, remembered random stuff from my profile and BAM. he shared a lentil soup recipe with me that turned out divine. at the end of the night, i texted him when i got home like i had promised and in response, he called me to wish me a good night.


One response to “good woo

  1. Nice 😉
    Oops, sorry! (*wink*)

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