so i completely blanked on friday to post my stats for that day, as a result, today’s post will be hodgepodge of the two things that are kinda sorta totally taking over my life right now.

Friday’s stats:

today’s stats:

i don’t think i like running on mondays. it is beastly how i feel during and after the run. and i can’t wait to get off work to do some yoga. i had the fan going in the gym, and it wasn’t directly blowing on me. however there was enough of a breeze that my EAR HURT. wtf? if it’s not one thing, it’s another. i’ve always had sensitive ears, i blame all those years swimming but damn! what the hell am i going to do when i’m outside in the elements? (i make it sound like i’m going to be running in a wind swept environment…)

i went out with Vanilla Guy* thursday night and while i had a good time, i wasn’t very excited. it was our 3rd date. he’s perfect on paper tho.

on Friday i had to kick Refugee* to the curb because god bless him, he TEXTED me to ask me out. after i told him not to, after he said the ball was in my court & for me to reach out to him when my schedule cleared up. so wtf was he TEXTING ME? he obviously gave bad woo. and why he’s still peeping at my profile is beyond me.

i had a date with $5wordGuy* last night, dinner & a movie (btw, Biutiful is gorgeous, Javier Bardem gave such a stirring performance. i am in awe of him. i bawled my eyes out and $5wordGuy* held my hand. score!) he brought a box of chocolates for valentine’s day, a holiday i don’t celebrate, and one that i will be spending at home, doing laundry and catching up on my shitty shows.

and he knows the difference btwn complement and compliment.


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