i have been rendered a mushy gushy GIRL. it is odd. i realize that these lines taken from his emails make no sense but believe me when i say i melt into my seat when i receive any of his notes. they’re simple words, but they are strung together so well, with proper punctuation and capitalization (nevermind that i never capitalize my i’s). for me, that shit counts.

I am definitely told fairly frequently that I walk too fast, or that I need to slow down or wait for people that I am walking with. That being said, I am in no hurry at all when I am walking with you. Ambling is just fine on those occasions.

My re-enactments will have to wait until I hear a wonderfully off-pitch singing attempt from you. Fair is fair.

I am not going to make you sing. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. I am very patient though.

I have a life mission of trying all of the foods I wasn’t introduced to while growing up, and I am doing pretty well so far.

I certainly hope that my family’s whiteness tales will bring you much joy. I bet they would be better if you heard them from my grandmother though. She is too adorable for words.

… and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

i have to snog $5wordGuy* tomorrow night.


3 responses to “melting

  1. Wow. He sounds like a keeper (so far…sometimes it takes awhile to see the weird stuff, but I’m hoping he’s a keeper). And I had to google *snog* to see exactly what you were referring to. Eh ehm.

  2. I think you should change $5wordGuy’s name to Snoggy. And I want to hear about your date!

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