running rant

bigK confessed to me last week that she’s afraid that she’ll be the last person to cross the finish line at the race. she says she sees people running faster than her & it puts her on edge. i told her i would let her go ahead of me, i’ll come in last. because my goal isn’t to run a fast race, i only want to finish it and without injury. and i also told her not to compare herself to someone else’s best.

so i don’t know why i allowed someone’s flippant comment to effect me that i ran differently today. as i was doing some yoga stretches last night during Grey’s Anatomy, i mentioned to my roommate that i’ve hit about 2 miles and it takes me about 28 minutes to run it. that includes the brisk 5 minute walk i do at the beginning and the 2 minute cool down at the end. i make note of where i’m at before the cool down, breaking that down, it’s 26 minutes which makes it a 13 minute mile. can i say that i ran walked ambled a 15 minute mile in high school? yet i felt like absolute shit when nuria told me that i’m slow and that i should be faster and no wonder i’m not making any progress. i am not sure what progress she’s putting me up against but it made me angry. so angry, in fact, that today i started my run at a faster pace & ended up with shin splints at the 8 minute mark. further, my back is now hurting.

sigh. and i can’t be mad at nuria. i’m the assclown who let her words effect me. i need to take my own advice sometimes.

today’s stats:
251 calories
2.05 miles


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