pep talks

on a recent facebook status update, bigK posted this: LanXYZ* has had a lot of good ideas through the years: one more shot, one more song, one more party. but couch 2 5k has definitely moved up on the totem pole.

it’s true, i have good ideas but this one is looking to be the most important one for us thus far. it’s hard tho. she and i are struggling. we know rationally that this is good for us, that this is a lifestyle with the payback of better health and great legs. from our own personal perspective tho, it’s hard. three times a week, my lunch break consists of sweating & hauling ass thru a shower, while still finding enough time to stretch properly. some days i forgo the shower in order to hit a yoga class right after work (i shut my office door on those days). i plan things AROUND my run & yoga. there have been nights where i’m already in bed but i’ll get out again to do a pilates session from excerciseTV. that is how determined i am to see this Running Thing thru.

but it is effing hard. i am not a natural lover of running. and i cannot say that i particularly like it now, even after 7 weeks of it. i’m not griping, i’m stating a fact.

i received an email from a cyber friend yesterday. he’s a runner, i don’t remember how i found his blog but yeah, he gives advice sometimes. this particular note was simultaneously motivating and disheartening. allow me to explain the latter. “One mile seems like 10 minutes of pure exhaustion.” this line made me stop cold because i run a 13minute mile, i can’t wrap my head around going any faster than that. and despite my ethnicity, i suck at math. but, running a 13 minute mile for a half marathon equals out to … about 2 hours and 50 minutes. (shit, i just had nuria do the math for me because i started flipping out over all the numbers. don’t judge me.) why do i feel like that’s a really long time to be putting one foot in front of the other, at a faster pace than walking? this time is only if i keep a consistent 13 minute mile, this is not including possible puke time, a nap, bathroom breaks (are there bathroom breaks?!) and probable cry-fests every few miles.

then this: They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

i’m not religious, i don’t go to church or pray as often as i should, i believe in dinosaurs, and i also wholeheartedly believe in God. and that bit of scripture put me at ease. thx rwj.

today’s stats:
267 calories

i ran two 10 minutes without pause. schweet.


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