16 revisited

my first bon jovi concert was at 16, in bangkok thailand. as an embassy brat we had dibs on american concert tix. perks of being a diplomat’s kid. they were amazing. prior to that show, i’d only ever been to Pearl Jam (that was the show where eddie vedder spat at the concert goers). i remember it being a sweaty event, humid and crowded. mosh pits were big back then, even tho it was just BON JOVI, not so much… mosh pit-worthy stuff. i was interviewed by MTV Asia after the show, i don’t know what i said but i do know my bare midriff made it on the air and peter was NOT happy.

i saw them again last night in DC. the set was heavy on Slippery When Wet & New Jersey, with maybe a few of their new stuff thrown in the mix. ritchie is not looking good & tho jon is getting up in there in age, the man can shake his ass. my friend Nancy has been to well over 100 bon jovi concerts, has met the man & she was STILL ROCKING OUT like it was her first. she apologized afterward for squeeling like a fangirl. she just don’t know, imma be the same way at Matt Nathanson & Sugarland in May. so my year of concert going has begun and i am so excited.

photo printed with permission from nancy.

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