i ran for 25 minutes straight today, without stopping or walking. if i’d been alone in the gym, i would’ve wept. instead, i turned to my coworker and said “ain’t no thang…”

in all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. i was not out of breath, my heartrate was pretty steady, i did not get shin splints, my left knee did not hurt and it was during the last minute that my left hip & foot started to ache. i was sweating like a whore in church but whatever.

i’m working from home friday, to finish a birthday extravaganza cake and i am going to attempt my first run outside. i have to show up for jury duty monday so i will either run sunday or monday evening, outside. i am scared. outside running is so different from treadmill running. onwards with this challenge!

in other news, $5wordGuy* & i? we’re good. he gives the best hand holding and good night snogs.

today’s stats:
2.51 miles
301 calories


One response to “finally

  1. $5wordGuy only gets a sentence? Hmmm…must be going reeeally good since your not kissing and telling much.

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