Civic Duty

i became a citizen about 4 years ago. i was determined to be able to vote & to cancel out Princess* jackass vote. becoming a citizen was a big deal for me. the interviewer asked me why i wanted to be a citizen and without hesitation i told her i wanted to have a voice, to vote & finally be a participant in this country. yesterday i participated in Jury Duty. i’d filled out the forms prior but never been called to go in to court. i was so excited when i got the notice to go in. i know some people find it to be a chore. i’m not some people.

i walked the 1.5miles to the courthouse & i prepared for the long day ahead: charged up the Kindle, charged up the cell and plenty of candy to munch on. what i hadn’t prepared for: vending machine malfunctions, only having $5 bills when i really needed $1bills and PEOPLE FINDING REASONS WHY THEY COULD NOT BE ON THE JURY PANEL. these same people who were ok with taking the $15 allowance were coming up with the most asinine reasons why they could not do their civic duty. and imma say it, these same people who have no qualms about going on welfare, bogging down the system were trying to find loop holes to get out of helping the system. that annoys me. no. it PISSES me off. i’m not a die hard, gung ho pro-govt person, but i am aware of the rights and privileges i have in this country & i appreciate them. i just wish these people who shirk out of their duties did too.

i was not selected to be on the jury panel but had i been, i would’ve gladly done my duty to the best of my ability.

today’s stats, because i did not run yesterday:


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