Tracing Freckles

just a few things that are inundating my Life right now:

1. running for 25 minutes straight, tho slowly, is not as horrible as i thought.

2. a few weeks ago i created Hello Kitty Cake Pops for a friend’s 26th birthday. it was a 3 day long project, one that i fretted over. they were a smashing success, so much so that they were featured in the local paper’s food blog AND i received an order to make them for a birthday party next month. I WILL GET PAID TO MAKE THESE LITTLE GEMS!

3. as a result of #2, i’ve decided to go ahead & design business cards for my other blog, as well as do an entire branding for that space. i am excited. nervous. but mainly tickled over it all.

4. this past weekend, i created a Live version of an Angry Birds level, all edible for my roommate’s birthday. that was an even bigger success, complete with hilarity & cake smashing.

5. last, i was told recently that i have four freckles on my neck, something i was completely unaware of. and $5wordGuy* likes to trace kisses between the tiny spots.

today’s stats:
300 calories


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