owing Uncle Sam

remember a few posts ago where i mentioned civic duty and stuff? yeah. i’m doing another civic duty and doing my taxes this weekend. correction. my accountant friend Mike is doing it for me. it’s freaking me out. i always freak out around tax time. i am all for paying taxes, i realize it goes towards things i take for granted, and for things i don’t agree with but i let the govt make the decisions and i hope i vote for the right people to do what *i* want and what is good for the country, as a whole.

having said that, i hate that i changed jobs right around this time last year so i have two w2s to deal with, as well as random things about old paystubs that i don’t remember from 365 days ago. plus, i donated a bunch of stuff and i don’t have receipts for them, so there goes that deduction. i’d love to get something back to finance a trip to CA to visit the grandparents but honestly with the cluster that is from my previous job hanging over my head, i’d rather just break even.

today’s stats:
2.67 miles
326 calories.

bring it 28 minutes of non-stop running.


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