Hump Day Blues

i regret that this is going to be another list post. i’m a lister. sorry about that.

1. today was not a good run day. i was so tired and my chest hurt. i stopped at the 2.05mile mark, and it took me 25 minutes to get to that point. at 15 minutes i started walking for 3 minutes. to say that i am bummed is an understatement. my limbs were heavy, the motivation was not there (actually, that’s not unusual) and so i just stopped, did the stretches and left.

2. i have been avoiding the news, i don’t think i can bear to read or hear anything about Japan. i have not received word about bio mom. my aunt Victoria called friday night to check in on me, an act that appears loving but in fact reeks of a busybody who is just looking for gossip, someone who will about face, run to peter and tell him everything i say. so i kept it simple, talking without really telling her anything and got off the phone. i check this site incessantly for any news on her or her husband. i don’t know how to spell her childrens’ names or else i’d be searching for them too.

3. my FB friend johnny posted on his status: Skinny runners don’t use food as a reward, but average runners do! this really got me thinking. i’m an average runner, ok fine, maybe below average and i do see food as a reward. which is fine but why do i feel depressed over it?

4. cross training. i need to really thinking about this now. i don’t think pilates & yoga are gonna cut it for me. i don’t have access to a pool and i don’t have a proper bike, plus i have a fear of riding around in the city. awesome. yet another form of exercise i gotta think up.

5. last, i forgot to pack an extra pair of undies today. i am going commando & i feel like an idiot.

this particular hump day needs to end already.

today’s stats:
2.05 miles
244 calories


8 responses to “Hump Day Blues

  1. Some days, being human, bad runs can’t be avoided. We all have them. Hump day is no fun but tomorrow is Thursday which means Friday is around the corner!
    I use food as a reward… If I am hauling my butt for a long run, I reward it for gettin to the finish!

  2. Anorexics don’t use food as a reward, either.
    F*ck that status update.!!!
    Food is delicious and wonderful and a well-balanced life INCLUDES the enjoyment of that. And if something a little decadent should happen to be a reward for a 2 mile run, well then so be it. You are a far better person than I, who rewarded herself with food all across the nation of Israel. And I didn’t run a bit. Not even to cross a street.

    • LG – aaaaaand that’s where you’ve been! i’ve missed you. thank you so much for your words, as you know very well, i love me some food.

  3. P.S. I hope you can locate bio mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. I’m thinking of you.

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