back on track

i ran the full 28 minutes today, it was painful. i counted seconds. i bargained with myself. i had madonna blaring on my ipod and the akron/notre dame game on. i still struggled.

last night i walked 2 miles with $5wordGuy*. it was a pretty night and exactly what i needed to do on my off day. tomorrow i’ll be strutting around in heels at a wedding. that’ll be cross training enough, methinks.

have a beautiful weekend. it’s 75F here, and tho the temps will dip down into the 50s in the next two days, i’ll be with $5wordGuy laughing loudly while we muddle thru March Madness and a possible baking adventure. baked dougnuts anyone?

today’s stats:
2.75 miles
344 calories


2 responses to “back on track

  1. I was wondering how $5wordGuy was doing. Did you know donuts are an aphrodisiac? Have fun (*wink*).

    • ha! i did not know! 🙂
      yes, things are so very loverly with $5wordGuy. the donuts were eh but it was such a trip watching him in the kitchen.

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