special Hell

over the weekend i was able to find bio-mom’s phone number in Japan. i’m still in the process of setting up a skype account & getting the proper tools to be able to call. further, my friend Goro is having his mom in Japan reach out on my behalf. i am still waiting to exhale.

today after my eh run i received an email from someone who saw my person inquiry on Google. it read like this:

I have information regarding XYZ Nguyen that you are looking for. If you would like my assistance, I require a deposit for my time and efforts that it took to obtain such information. If interested, I will need $600 US dollars sent to me through western union. Let me know if you accept my offer and would like my help.

Best of luck to you.

i was so upset. what is wrong with people?

today’s stats:
2.47 miles
298 calories


2 responses to “special Hell

  1. Woops. My bad. That e-mail musta been from the Nigerian prince whose previous e-missive I ignored, thereby preventing him from claiming his rightful millions and forcing him into a life of P.I. work spawned by world disasters and the internet.

    Seriously, though. That’s f*ucked up. Some people really suck.

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty

    😦 some people suck. I’m sorry. I had some dumbass dick me around for over a month regarding catering (hours and hours of menu suggestions, etc…. put into it) before I realized it was a scam. Some people just have no conscience.

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