running uphill

it is hump day. it certainly has been an uphill battle this week to reach today.

over the weekend a dinner party i was going to attend was cancelled last minute, because one of the guests suffered a miscarriage. she’s 43 and was 5 months along. oh how i felt for this woman, tho i’d only met her once. i was looking foward to rubbing her belly and feeding her goat cheese cheesecake, while holding $5wordGuy’s* hand.

i received news monday night that an uncle had passed away in Vietnam, from a motorcycle accident. i’d not seen this uncle since i was a child and the last time i had spoken to him was over 10 years ago. see, this particular uncle was not part of the family, having divorced my aunt so many years ago. but i remember him as sweet and kind, taking me out as well when he picked up my cousins minh & huy for their day together. the tragic news came to me so peculiarly. my cousin Pat from Boston called to tell me, his usual boisterous way of talking muted. his father had called to tell him the news, encouraging him to call Minh. but Pat & Minh haven’t spoken on that level in years, so he thought it would be a better idea for me to call Minh. and so i did. and the hour long conversation was stilted with a deluge of tears from both sides, heartfelt memories and oh my goodness, his regrets that he was not able to save his father in time. it breaks my heart that he feels such anguish over something he could not control. without getting into too much details, the gist is hospitals in vietnam are not the best, minh arrived in nha trang days after the accident, was unable to convince the doctors to move him to a better facility in Saigon and his father never regained consciousness.

and a dear, dear blog friend emailed me the most lovely and heartwrenching email yesterday.

i mean, this is REAL LIFE. and i complain about how hard running is. how i’m having a difficult time not swearing and giving up meat. i lament over waking up & it still being dark out. and what shames me the most? i finally heard about bio-mom. she is fine, all are accounted for. for that i am glad but damned if i didn’t immediately think about how she didn’t call me to let me know she was ok after the earthquake.

and you know what? i have no right to think like that. we met ONCE, we are strangers. i don’t know what she is going thru, i don’t know what she continues to go thru in Japan. my cousin Kim put it best: she could be busy helping the survivors of this tragedy, she could be doing what she can to prepare for what is surely going to be a difficult recovery for the country. all i can think about is why didn’t she call me? well, the question is, why would she?? we don’t have a relationship — yet.

i think it’s going to be an uphill battle to try to forge some kind of relationship with this woman, half way across the world, in a country that is reeling from a natural disaster. what a time for me to pick to try to do something, to be something to this woman. but i gotta try.

and then today’s run. it was hard but i completed the 35 minutes – 3 mile run. no complaints. it will hopefully be downhill from here to the weekend.

today’s stats:
3 miles
366 calories


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