this week is shaping up to be on those weeks — you know, the kind where you are taking work home, rushing thru dinner, skipping the Running Thing, as well as the much-needed fancy stretching that is called yoga and pilates, all the while trying to maintain clean hair and sanity.

to be sure, i’m not complaining. far from it. despite the whirlwind of the next five days, i’m quite happy. here are a few things i accomplished this weekend:

+happy hour & dinner with friends friday night, where $5wordGuy* AMAZED everyone in attendance with his ability to eat more than anyone at the table, combined. {swoon}
+saturday morning spent getting my car Gandalf’s oil changed, 2+ hours later, i left with two (much needed) new filters & $120 lighter. {sigh}
+saturday afternoon spent watching the NCAA tournament, bemoaning my brackets (thanks a lot Butler, way to cockblock my chance at $150!), before making it out for pizza & wine.

view from $5wordGuy's window...

+then glorious sunday, my favorite day of the week: a Whole Foods trek, to pick up organic foods for a cooking adventure: roti & pototo curry. end result failures but successful fun. it’s nice to cook for someone, but it’s always nicer to cook WITH someone.
+i woke up to this monday morning relishing the remnants of these past days, dreading the coming week but already looking fwd to the coming weekend.

+i fear this week will be derailed with the deadlines i have, i won’t be able to run middle of the day the way i like. i’ll work it out somehow.

Friday’s stats:
2.65 miles
328 calories


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