keeping score

this is what i wrote to bigK today about an encounter i had during lunch. i could edit and add in scene, and all that stuff but i just don’t have time.

i got into a tiff at the lunch line today. it was really busy in the cafe and i’m standing in line and this FAT man was all impatient for the cashier to ring ppl up… she was busy pulling out stuff for her boss who was doing some paper work at a table (highly inappropriate seeing as how BUSY the place was, he should’ve been working the line… whatever.)

so finally she rings the person in front of me and i’m up next… UNTIL THE FAT MAN HALF STEPS AHEAD OF ME FOR SOME REASON. so she thinks he’s next in line… he did have the decency to look sheepish and say to me: “oh it’s your turn, go ahead…” but the cashier had already rung him up! so i go, “dude, she’s already rung you up, you go ahead!”

so he gets his food and the way it works is, since he got the special, he gets his own chips, in another section of the cafe, and his own drink, at yet ANOTHER section of the cafe. clearly he was new cus he asks: “so do i get my own drink?”

by this time, the cashier had already turned to me, rung me up and was getting my sandwich. she was all flustered and goes “yes…” then she turns me to ask me if i wanted this or that and i’m about to answer, when he goes again “do i get my own chips, too?” by this point, i’m pissed so i turn to him, “Do you see maids around here getting stuff for other ppl?! yes, you get your own chips! dang! do you mind???”

notice that i did not use any swear words.

Me: 1
Lent: 0


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