no deep thoughts this week. just a few things:

+i really ought to change $5wordGuy’s name to 82ScrabblePointsGuy cus he straight punched me in the face in two back to back online scrabble games.
+he & i are signing up for a 5k together, in October (hello way into the future planning) – the Zombie Race. i expressed a fear i have, which is the Fear of Being Chased (legit phobia) and i think anyone chasing me, fake zombie or not, runs the risk of getting kicked in the groin. he says that he’ll protect me. which makes me laugh. because if there’s any type of bodyguard action going on, it’ll be me kicking ass with him behind me.
+being a true responsible earthling, he’s all about recycling and consuming organic foods (swoooon). one night, he mentioned wanting to go strawberry picking at a local farm and possibly, BEET digging. being a massive potterhead, i asked: “what if we pulled out a MANDRAKE accidentally?” without skipping a beat, he answered: “then we will faint from the screams.”

straight out of compton...

+white boy from KENTUCKY by way of upstate NY has a collection of CASSETTE tapes, one of them with BREAKDANCE beats.
+sometimes, when he’s doing the dishes and i’m playing angry birds, i catch him rapping the lyrics to some old school nwa song.

he is a wonder.


2 responses to “wonder

  1. You are equally a wonder, my dear. Which is why I love this post.

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