outside running

last night was lovely, at around 50F with a bit of wind. $5wordGuy* and i were going to run for the first time, together. i was apprehensive about it. i don’t like huffing & puffing with an audience. i also do not like sweating glistening with an audience. plus, outdoor running is different from running on a treadmill. if a 5K or half marathon could be run on a treadmill, i could do it. i’d be bored, but i could do it.

$5wordguy* lives in a hilly part of the city. we ran up the hill and i thought i was going to die. we hadn’t even hit a mile and i was ready to turn around and call it a day. i mean, i’ve been “running” since January 10th and i could not maintain. on top of that, he hasn’t run since … i think, ever and he was doing better than me. then i kept getting distracted. the flowers were in bloom, we ran thru neighborhoods and the houses were lovely, i wished for my camera.

i finally made him stop running when 1. he mentioned his chest was hurting. 2. my left knee persisted in aching. 3. when the wind made my right ear ring.

we walked the rest of the way home, and for 20 minutes, i made him stretch every part of his body.

i have cake pops to make tonight and tomorrow night, but prior to delivering them on Saturday, we’re doing the run again.

sigh. this is an entirely different beast for me to slay.

i need to remember this.

One response to “outside running

  1. Keep it up with the running. It takes time. And the sign you posted sums it all up. What a great line…

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