i ran three times this week, two times outdoors. my body is tired. i have restorative yoga tonite in the hopes that my energy level and spirit will be restored. because have mercy, when i think of the long runs i’ll have to pull this summer, in the heat no less, i get discouraged.

i have a new handy dandy garmin that a food blogger friend gifted to me. he wasn’t using it and he’s been so supportive of my attempt to run. it’s fancier than what i would’ve picked out for myself, it’s not like i need much but when i put it on, i feel part fraud and part professional runner. trust me, it’s a weird feeling. what’s even weirder? that while i still dislike running, i do look forward to it, especially when the weather is so loverly and $5wordGuy* is beside me.

speaking of him, after much deliberation and laughter btwn us, we made it FB official today. (you know it’s not official until it’s on FB. just saying.) we’ve big plans for a leisurely run saturday morning, along with some bread baking, kumquat marmalade making and a barca-madrid game. sunday will be spent at a campus fair where we will hunt down funnel cake for me and quite possibly, picture-taking of the tulips that are in full bloom, finally. and of course, the harry potter 7 dvd came out today, so we will spend our evenings with witches and wizards.



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