run right into you

+there was no running this weekend, it rained in sheets and i am not hardcore enough to endure that. i ran today & this time it took me almost 39 minutes to do 3.1miles
+barca tied with madrid and i am contemplating PTO-ing half day on wednesday to catch their next match
+$5wordGuy* is sick as a dog and normally i would be high-tail it home, only to emerge a week after the sick has recovered. i’m not embarassed by this admission, it’s how i roll. but for him, i’m brainstorming up soup options, trying to recall weirdo asian remedies to get him better and for serious, considering calling up the stepmother for her advice. what the hell is this world coming to?
+Lent is over at the end of this week. i am going to eat the ever living hell outta meat come this weekend. imma also let loose a slew of curse words
+i’ve had this song/video on repeat all day. i did not attend this concert in nashville on saturday, seeing as how they’ll be in MD next month & i can cause mayhem then. it still hurt just a little bit tho when i saw this, cus i wasn’t there


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