do you know that feeling of having so much to do that you do nothing? that is how i feel right now.

so allow me to take a moment. to breathe.

hearing – the rain outside. baltimore is awash in cloud drops and tho i despair not running outside, i keep the mantra “april showers bring may flowers” in my head…
seeing – tulips. they’re one of my favorite flowers and they’re budding.
feeling– the fatigue in my legs from my latest run. it’s a good feeling. it’s a satisfying feeling.
tasting– sweet, sweet victory of completing this Lent season sans meat or much swearing, avec contemplation and fulfillment.
listening zac brown band anyone?
readingclan of the cave bear.
touching – my toes. fancy stretching yoga is going well, i feel limber, i feel loose. i feel alive.
smelling – honeysuckles. so delicious, i almost want to actually tear the petals and taste them on my tongue.
dreaming – of LA. i’ll be there come june, to visit quietly with the grandparents.
praying – for a speedy recovery of my darling, he woke up throwing up again last night, poor dear.

it’s only tuesday and rather than wishing away our life for the weekend, take today and live it.


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