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3+ shows

in the last 8 days i’ve been to three shows, one of which was a life lister and the last was a childhood dream.

1. Sugarland, Matt Nathanson & Little Big Town at Merriweather Post Pavilion. worth the $200 i dropped. that Jennifer Nettles. her voice just sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out, leaving you overwhelmed and panting for more.
2. Matt Nathanson’s super secret special show in Vienna, VA. i sat in traffic for over 2 hours, after a day long golf tournament for work, for this man and it was worth every drop of sweat. there is sad part to the story: i was driving behind the venue with my cousin kim looking for parking and who do i see get out of his rental truck? the man i would be willing to spawn for. i fangirled like it was my J.O.B. but i looked a hot tranny mess and i was not about to introduce myself to him looking like that. i have crazy ass hope that in the next year or so as he’s touring to promote his album i’ll have more chances to meet him. until then, i whimpered and squealed in my car.
3. New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys. i was in 6th grade when i first Donnie Wahlberg. i crushed on him. seeing him in bejeweled celtics jersey sunday night… well… thank gawd he has a seemingly thriving acting career. this was my 2nd time seeing BSB (don’t judge me). it was a great show. they’re not kids or little boys anymore but they still have appeal.

i’ve one more concert in the works this year: U2, another life lister. i do hope to make it to more shows this year, notably the Zack Brown Band, but we’ll see.

i kinda sweat her...


the gospel

my friend Jenn has been emailing me lately for dating advice, anything ranging from when to call, if gchatting is ok, who pays and for the love of gawd, what does it mean when he looks at her profile after being radio-silent for 4 days? she started online dating the same time as me and last week was her very first date from the site. marinate with that. let that sink in. it took her 4 months to finally meeting someone from that site. every once in a while i would ask her how the Dating Thing was going and she would go on & on about how she has great email exchanges with a guy and then nothing would come of it. or she would not be happy with the look of the profile picture, or something about the guy reminded her of an ex and she’d retreat..

by no means am i an expert on the online thing, i winged it and i am definitely not an expert in dating; but somehow i could pinpoint what she was doing that could be hindering her in meeting someone.

1. the cell phone thing: i have talked about this ~ i hate texting. i partake in it, with friends and even with $5wordGuy* now, but in terms of wooing and the first stages of dating, it is a no-no. it is a strict no-no. most of my friends live off of texts, they thrive off of it and jenn is ok with having full on conversations via text. it boggles my mind. bottom line, don’t do it. not at first. you’re trying to build a relationship, don’t build it over an electronic device. i feel the s ame way about gchat/IM.

2. walls. i don’t know jenn that well, we run in the same circle and have many mutual friends. she has alluded to being hurt in previous relationships. i finally flat-out told her to get over herself, she’s not the only one in the history of the world to have ever been hurt. walls are made to keep people out, but they are also to keep one in & isolated. don’t have walls for the sake of having walls. it’s indulgent. it’s egotistical. and quite frankly, it’s counter productive.

3. getting hurt. on the same thread as #2, so what if you get hurt? it happens. it happened before, you survived it. it happens to everyone, and they survive it. and even if you end up burned, even if you end up fetal position with your face kicked in, it’ll hurt but it won’t kill you. it might dent you, it’ll teach you a lesson but i promise. it’s ok to have some mad hope.

4. EFF tradition. you want to ask him out? do it. i asked $5wordGuy* out for our 2nd date… not only that, i CALLED him the night after our first date to ask, then within the same hour, EMAILED him with what i thought we should do. after that whirlwind cluster, i sat in my dark living room flipping my shit for having reached out to him TWICE in one night. as it turned out, he was on cloud 9 that i called him, asked him out AND emailed him. (*note*: this particular scenario worked for me, it may not for others.)

5. who pays? i have a rule. (yes, yet another one). if the guy asked me out, he pays. if i ask him out, i expect that i will pay but if he insists on paying, i let him. i don’t split. splitting is for friends. if this guy is trying to get into my pants, we’re not friends, so therefore one of us pays. if i am not interested in the guy, i insist on paying and then i never lay eyes on him again.

6. email quota. don’t make a pen pal out of the guy. you want a pen pal? email your friends, not your potential suitor. everyone’s smarter, wittier, better via IM or email. you can edit, look up a word in the thesaurus, put all that effort into an email and he’s probably doing the same, and OMG, you guys have such chemistry. then you meet and you both suck at it. all that invested time? gone. get to know them one on one, thru spoken conversation, not written. learn their facial ticks when they verbally tell you that you’re beautiful. any douche can tell you you’re hot via email but not all can say it sincerely, complete with eye contact & hands firmly to themselves as y’all are sharing dessert.

7. moving on. i don’t know why there would be repeat views of a profile, maybe he wants to refresh his memory, maybe he accidentally clicked on it, who knows? but if he doesn’t get back to you after a period of time, move on. get over it. refer to #3, if you want to beat a dead horse, go to #4.

that’s pretty much all i got for now. it’s 12:34pm on a friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. i’ve plans to bake a harry potter cake with my darling, who never fails to email me mid day to tell me that he’s thinking about me and then come nightfall, splits dessert with me while i go on & on about what crazy shenanigans my friends & i have gotten ourselves into via our respective email threads and texts.

have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the summer sun, step away from the computer and for the love gawd, remember our military folk, past & present.

my first 5K and what i learned

“Just run. The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race; it’s to test the limits of the human heart.”
Bill Bowerman, Head Coach of University of Oregon Track Team (1948-1973), One of the founders of Nike.

i wish i had motivating & enlightening words to describe my experience on sunday. i don’t. i’m too busy, too tired to even try to be witty. i will just say that i finished. that i did not throw up or resort to crawling. that tho i did not make my first overly ambitious goal of 35minutes, i did make my 2nd more realistic goal of beating 40minutes, coming in at 38:45. i was ridiculously proud of myself over it and i may have cried a little. dramatical much?

before the race:
i watched people stretching, doing mock runs (that’s not a real term, i just don’t know what it’s called when people run in place or do those mad 5 pace sprints) and groups taking pictures. i should’ve been motivated to follow suit, no, i was more interested in the girl in front of me with the shapliest legs that went on for miles that i had ever seen. i was also filled with terror that i was the only chick there with french braid pigtails, i had an immature moment where i thought i would be mocked for a sporting the wrong hairstyle. this feeling dissipated when i saw a little girl with the same style, only she had ribbons on the ends. dammit, i knew i had forgotten something!

during the race:
i kept pace with the moms with strollers crowd. i figured if i fell & skinned my knees, there’d be plenty of them around with first aid kits.
i kept a steady pace, even tho my left shin was hurting like a mother. i was jamming to Flashdance and picturing jennifer beales dancing her heart out late into the night and still making it to her welding job the next day — girl must’ve been so tired, i at least was well rested.
around the 1 mile mark, the route looped back around and the 10K-ers were coming thru and man if i wasn’t in awe of their speed.
at one point in the run, between songs, i heard a little girl crying that she didn’t want to run and her dad kept coaxing her along. i wanted to punch him and pick her up to carry her the rest of the way. but by that time i was too tired. she’s gotta fight her own battles anyway.
i noticed that i sped walked thru the flat ground but hauled ass up hills. what up with that?
last quarter mile $5wordGuy* went back to meet me & ran the last part with me. he finished in 30:33. bless his heart, he said he found me thru the crowd by my “distinct gait”. i corrected him and called it a “gimpy limp”.

after the race
the race we ran was for the Celiac Disease group. neither of us are gluten-intolerant, tho i have been tinkering around with gluten-free recipes. after the race, we had a mad desire for pancakes. we controlled ourselves and made blueberry banana smoothies instead.
i made him spend 20 minutes stretching because even tho our legs weren’t “tired” i knew that they would be sore.
i have a slight limp still today. yesterday i had a golf tournament to attend for work and walking around with an angry shin is not cute.
i am taking the week off from running, but will continue to take walks to keep the legs active.
i bought new running shoes saturday, finally. i may have asked random questions the sales guy had never heard of before (do you think red looks better on me, or the purple?) but i am so very hopeful that they will help with my hobble gait.

finally, i am currently looking for the next race to join in on.

T-Minus 2 days

the race is on Sunday. 8am. i’m only slightly freaking the eff out.

my left shin hurts. i spent the entire hour whilst watching Grey’s last night stretching out the leg. today is supposed to be a run day. instead, i will rest. i might walk tomorrow. hopefully the pain will have subsided enough by sunday morning that i won’t look like an assclown during the short ass 3.1mile run.

::not trying is not an option::

finding my phish or dead

it should be no surprise when i say that i am a huge matt nathanson fan. the name of this blog is his 2007 album. i have it inked on my wrist. his newest album, Modern Love drops june 21st. he’s beein touring extensively for a 2007 album, can you imagine how much touring he’ll be doing for the new one???

he’s opening for sugarland this spring, i bought VIP tickets for their show on sunday. he’s touring with maroon5 and train this summer, but nowhere close to MD. atlanta and louisville might be options but it depends on timing. i missed his Philly and NYC secret shows — i missed the philly show email announcement by an hour and tix were sold out! i was sorely disappointed.

last night at approximately 7:34pm i received a notice that he was having a secret show on monday in northern viriginia — a part of the country that i loathe to have to go to. 3 minutes later, computer booted up, i’m furiously trying to buy tickets. denied. $5wordGuy* tried on his computer, on a different browser. my friend Nancy was trying on her computer. i ranted on FB. i railed against the injustice of it all. but at 8:06pm, after much cussing and persistence, i was succesful in logging in and i now have in my possession 2 tickets to this super secret show.

vindication was mine! i feel sorry for $5wordGuy* as he will witness me act a fool for another man. i told him, some people have phish or the grateful dead that they follow. BigK follws dave mathews band. i have matt nathanson.