running pains

i’m going on my fourth day of NO RUNNING. i never thought i’d say it but the no running thing is making me antsy ~ restless. after my measely 2 mile run last monday nite, i felt great. i wasn’t out of breath or tired. i did the requisite cool down walk and a bit of stretching. the next day i noticed a slight pain in my lower back so i focused that evening to a lot of back stretches. wednesday was looking to be dismal out so i ran during lunch on the treadmill. the goal was to run 2.5 miles. i walked-ran it and it was painful. my left shin hurt when i put too much weight on it, as a result, i compensated and my right foot started to hurt. i must’ve looked a sight with my hobble run. plus, i got a mad stitch on my right side that was not cute.

Friday was supposed to be a 3mile day. tho i was travelling for work, i made plans to run in the hotel gym. no dice. walking was painful and the lower back thing. it didn’t help that i was carrying so many bags and walking all over ATL. i nixed the run. on sunday, after having flown in late the night before and baked two cakes, i set out to run with $5wordGuy*. half a mile in i had to stop. we walked 2.8 miles at a brisk pace and i had a stitch, left shin splints and lower back pain. my body is falling apart. i am flipping out. my first race is in less than 2 weeks. wtf?

this is worrisome. today is the first day i woke up without back pains. my shin doesn’t hurt that much. yesterday i played hooky from work and tho it was a slower pace, i did manage to walk about 3miles around the garden with $5wordGuy*. i’m hopeful to at least manage A FLIPPING MILE tonight, tho ideally, i’d like to run 3. depending on how i feel after tonite, i’d like to check out the race route in preparation for next saturday. i’d like to be prepared. even if i’m crawling, i’ll at least know every dip in the road.


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