Racing Strollers

my friend Nancy was in VA beach this past weekend and on sunday she woke up and was going to hit up the gym in her hotel when she noticed a 5K race about to start and registration was closing… she decides to sign up for it.

she’s running and her pace is so slow that an 8 year old & his family passes her… and then this woman with a kid in the stroller is on even pace with her… the kid is 2 and goes to her “faster faster!” she obliges… and hears the kid turn around and go “grandma, faster! faster!”

she was mortified that she was going the same speed as a gma with a kid in a stroller!

i go, what was your end time?

she answers, it was slow, i did it in 32 minutes.

i was like, girl… my goal is 35 minutes!

and she’s like, but you’re faster than that!

it’s true. but it’s not my intention to break speed records, it’s to FINISH (without an ambulance). that is all i care about.

that and beating gmas with baby strollers.

:: remember this ::


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