i have a separate Life away from this here space, one that is, i will admit, quite sun shine-y and is more of a creative outlet. here, this is a little corner that very very very few people in my Real Life know about. it’s because i get personal on here sometimes, ahem, i get emo. i have a reputation to maintain and this space would blow that image to pieces. (and vice versa) and we can’t have that.

however, there are times when shit collides and the most random things occur. for example, i have a new follower on twitter who somehow or another found me and this person has absolutely NOTHING to do with my hobbies and/or things i talk about on my twitterfeed. how he found me or why he decided to follow me is a mystery. i will not follow him back. i mean it when i say i have a separate different identity that i maintain. (that doesn’t mean that this is fake, or that that is fake. it’s just… DIFFERENT).

i spent most of today reading his back posts and i am … intriqued. it made me giggle & blush. that’s all i can say about it. i’m not done reading it. i thought i’d share as i think mayhap a few of my readers would enjoy? either way, random much?

the sex experiment.


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