my first 5K and what i learned

“Just run. The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race; it’s to test the limits of the human heart.”
Bill Bowerman, Head Coach of University of Oregon Track Team (1948-1973), One of the founders of Nike.

i wish i had motivating & enlightening words to describe my experience on sunday. i don’t. i’m too busy, too tired to even try to be witty. i will just say that i finished. that i did not throw up or resort to crawling. that tho i did not make my first overly ambitious goal of 35minutes, i did make my 2nd more realistic goal of beating 40minutes, coming in at 38:45. i was ridiculously proud of myself over it and i may have cried a little. dramatical much?

before the race:
i watched people stretching, doing mock runs (that’s not a real term, i just don’t know what it’s called when people run in place or do those mad 5 pace sprints) and groups taking pictures. i should’ve been motivated to follow suit, no, i was more interested in the girl in front of me with the shapliest legs that went on for miles that i had ever seen. i was also filled with terror that i was the only chick there with french braid pigtails, i had an immature moment where i thought i would be mocked for a sporting the wrong hairstyle. this feeling dissipated when i saw a little girl with the same style, only she had ribbons on the ends. dammit, i knew i had forgotten something!

during the race:
i kept pace with the moms with strollers crowd. i figured if i fell & skinned my knees, there’d be plenty of them around with first aid kits.
i kept a steady pace, even tho my left shin was hurting like a mother. i was jamming to Flashdance and picturing jennifer beales dancing her heart out late into the night and still making it to her welding job the next day — girl must’ve been so tired, i at least was well rested.
around the 1 mile mark, the route looped back around and the 10K-ers were coming thru and man if i wasn’t in awe of their speed.
at one point in the run, between songs, i heard a little girl crying that she didn’t want to run and her dad kept coaxing her along. i wanted to punch him and pick her up to carry her the rest of the way. but by that time i was too tired. she’s gotta fight her own battles anyway.
i noticed that i sped walked thru the flat ground but hauled ass up hills. what up with that?
last quarter mile $5wordGuy* went back to meet me & ran the last part with me. he finished in 30:33. bless his heart, he said he found me thru the crowd by my “distinct gait”. i corrected him and called it a “gimpy limp”.

after the race
the race we ran was for the Celiac Disease group. neither of us are gluten-intolerant, tho i have been tinkering around with gluten-free recipes. after the race, we had a mad desire for pancakes. we controlled ourselves and made blueberry banana smoothies instead.
i made him spend 20 minutes stretching because even tho our legs weren’t “tired” i knew that they would be sore.
i have a slight limp still today. yesterday i had a golf tournament to attend for work and walking around with an angry shin is not cute.
i am taking the week off from running, but will continue to take walks to keep the legs active.
i bought new running shoes saturday, finally. i may have asked random questions the sales guy had never heard of before (do you think red looks better on me, or the purple?) but i am so very hopeful that they will help with my hobble gait.

finally, i am currently looking for the next race to join in on.


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