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u2 360 ~ Life List

photo courtesy of nancy*

i saw U2 last week and it was epic. i was one of 80K people who descended on M&T Bank Stadium. it was a muggy, unforgivingly hot night. and it was fantastic. my seats were not bad and tho i was not seated when the camera panned out, i was able to find the general area. they played songs i hadn’t heard since high school. i knew i had to hear One, as it is my Top 12 songs of all time. i figured they’d play their joshua tree hits and i wasn’t disappointed. as i was walking out of the stadium (my friends had left prior to the encore to evade the mad rush on the trains) they sang With Or Without You, which was a bummer to miss but i could hear him crooning all the way out in the street as i hailed my cab. my highlight of the night tho? when they busted out Stay (Faraway, So Close). this was my jam junior year in high school.


matt nathanson: modern love

i don’t have a rating system but going by the generic 5 star rating, i would rate this album 4/5.

to be clear, i am not a music critic. i don’t know much about music, in regards to theory, lyrics, history, in fact, i’m tone-deaf but i know what i like. rest assured, i am good at that.

this album came out today but being the huge matt nathanson fan that i am, i’ve been streaming it for a week now. i love it. but i’m not such a fan that i don’t have some critiques for it.

i have to say that i liked each song individually, they’re catchy. but as a whole, i liked Some Mad Hope better. there’s an overall tone to this new album that does not capture the desperate magic his 2007 offering did. this new album is polished, it has studio quality vibes that is not necessarily bad but what drew me to Nathanson in the first place was his almost studied indifference to the mainstream, while at the same time, an undercurrent of desire to be accepted by what he so carefully rejected.

this newest offering is definitely a step into the mainstream. in the last few years, he’s partnered up with definite successful acts, like sugarland and OAR, while still doing smaller venues and opening for smaller groups like Jack’s Mannequin… this strategic move appealed to his longtime fans who’ve seen him in small coffee shops & college stages while still broadening his audience to include country folk & rockers. smart. planned. this summer he opens for Train & Maroon5. i’ve said it before, i am hopeful that he’ll tour alone in support of this album, 20 minute opening sets are not enough, and super secret shows are competitive to get tickets for.

about the album itself, it unfurls like a novel, each song building up for the next. the basic premise is love and relationships and how it fits or doesn’t fit in today’s world. this man is on point with how timely this album is. i realize that the world does not revolve around me but in this last year, i’ve delved into online dating, found love thru it, dealt with the obstacles that the internet and cell phones has thrown at me, all while still maintaining the relationships i have already with others and with myself. jesus, this man touches on all that, while still impeccably capturing it all thru his songwriting. he has a gift of writing in the moment, he’s not afraid to croon and wail and let it all bare. i dig that about him. and when he performs, it’s like he’s singing these same songs, nevermind that he probably did it the night before and before and before, for the first time and you’re privy to witness & experience it with him.

my favorite tracks are Modern Love and Run. So we stumble/we disconnect/Over and over again/This modern love/Is not enough. how fucking truth is that? Run is a collaboration with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles who is amazing. it captures a bit of the essence of Come On, Get Higher, that sexy smoldering sway that pulls & tugs at you, making you want to basically screw all night.

yeah. so this video is from his super secret show i saw in Vienna, VA. enjoy.


i ran 1.8 miles on Tuesday… and by run, i mean, i fast walked the majority of the time, while singing along to ll cool j.

the entire time i hated it.

i had a long discussion with bigK over this. she & i both are not getting the runner’s high. we are not motivated to run. we each have a 5K under our belts. we are both committed to make this a part of our Life and yet, the high runners talk about? nowhere in sight for us. those moments after a run tho, they are nice, we’re glad we ran but we’re also pretty glad when we’ve eaten a cupcake. i’m just saying.

i’ll still continue to run, i’ve come this far, i cannot go back to where i was before. i’ll still aim for the 5Ks every month until the weather chills.

there is disappointment there. i really believed that i’d be an avid runner by now, that i’d be faster or more of an advocate for it like i see in other runners.


20something & dumb

i tell people that i am enjoying my 30s so much more than i did my 20s. nevermind that i can’t eat anything beyond a certain time of night for fear of the added inches to every part of my body, but that is just PHYSICAL and something that i can work on. emotionally (and financially) i am so much better off. this is what i would tell my 20something dumb self, even tho i probably would not have listened:

move to california. do it for yourself. do it for a change in scenery. do it because you can. but don’t do it for a boy. for the record, it’s ok to move back home after a year out west. so you know for a fact that the left coast life isn’t that grand, it’s ok. it is not, however, ok that you’re moving back home for a boy. it is also not ok that you’re not speaking to your parents, they are who they are and you may disagree vehemently with what they’re saying, but you giving them the silent treatment means that you won’t see your sisters for 3 years.

that’s the biggest crime of all.

don’t be lazy, exercise. running 5K is not that bad and really, it doesn’t take very long.
despite not making much money as you try to figure out if you want to stay in headhunting or work in a bank, save your pennies for travel and not bullshit items like posters and picture frames and FUCKING FLAT SCREEN TVS THAT WILL BE REPLACED 6 MONTHS LATER WHEN THE BIGGER SIZE COMES OUT.
grad school – don’t do it. you may have done pretty ok in the grades department, but school was never been your thing. showing up for class was never your thing. maturity and paying for school yourself doesn’t change that. you want to learn something, read books other than smut & really bad fiction – join a book club instead & talk about the books with like-minded people (and i mean, really talk about the book, damnit), watch quality shows other than the abysmal reality shows that was so prevalent in those years, don’t be so shy and go out & meet people, learn from them.
dump the boy. yes you followed him to San Diego, yes you followed him back east but yes, you also caught him in bed with another woman. and yes, he always left you alone on new year’s eve for you to watch the ball fall in your darkened living room, in your pajamas, hair in a messy bun, and FACE IN BIG BOWL OF ICE CREAM.
speaking of the boy, potential basically means UNDER ACHIEVING LOSER. remember that.
get over yourself. so you graduated on time. yeah you stood up to your parents, moved out & lived on your own while all your other cousins, on both sides, were still at home & living off their mom & dad’s dimes. so what? what of it? those same people that you were so quick to abhor? they have a relationship with their parents.
accept your sisters. they’re not babies anymore. you taught them to stand up for themselves, you encouraged them to speak their mind, so when they do, don’t act all surprised & offended.
on the flip side, don’t take shit from your sisters. just because they’re younger than you and don’t know any better doesn’t mean you should give them free passes on being assholes. you’re not teaching them anything of value by taking their shit.
pay your credit card bills in full every month, if you can’t, don’t buy it. buying your first home will be so much easier, trust me.
don’t be so fixated on getting a ball&chain by 25 that you’ll stay with one guy in the hopes that you’ll change him, that he’ll all of a sudden stop being a douchebag. those types of time constraints are not suited for you, it’s suited for stepmothers who just want to marry you off so your father will focus on her children.
embrace God. He was with you all thru college, during your loneliest time, do not ignore the presence that is always with you, for He will not forsake you. ever.

last, be kind to yourself. no one else will be, especially if they see you treating yourself like ass.