i ran 1.8 miles on Tuesday… and by run, i mean, i fast walked the majority of the time, while singing along to ll cool j.

the entire time i hated it.

i had a long discussion with bigK over this. she & i both are not getting the runner’s high. we are not motivated to run. we each have a 5K under our belts. we are both committed to make this a part of our Life and yet, the high runners talk about? nowhere in sight for us. those moments after a run tho, they are nice, we’re glad we ran but we’re also pretty glad when we’ve eaten a cupcake. i’m just saying.

i’ll still continue to run, i’ve come this far, i cannot go back to where i was before. i’ll still aim for the 5Ks every month until the weather chills.

there is disappointment there. i really believed that i’d be an avid runner by now, that i’d be faster or more of an advocate for it like i see in other runners.



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