harry potter 7 : part deux


i came to Harry Potter late. as in, i was almost 30 by the time i finally deigned to open the first book. i had seen bits of the movies, of course, but i didn’t love it. {i still don’t}. see, i’m a Lord of the Rings fan. the movies completely brought to the life the books, which took me forever to finish, and i think i still have a number of chapters of ROTK to gloss over. for once, a movie was actually better than the books. so i’m not even going into my fandom from a child’s perspective, going on about how it was part of my childhood and now it’s over because the series has ended. no, i enjoyed the shit out of the good vs. evil theme, the action and death, and i’ll admit it, the undercurrent romance subplots.

Dirty South* had to get me the first HP book to even get me to read it. as a gift, especially from a best friend, i wasn’t going to ignore it. from the moment i read the Sorcerer’s Stone, i was hooked. i purchased the rest of the series from ebay & half.com, and wept my way thru until the very end.

i took friday off, with the intention of going to the midnight showing the night before. unfortunately, the majority of my friends could not get the day off so we delayed the viewing until Friday night. admittedly, i went to see the movie with extremely high expectations. i shouldn’t have. because i left the theater disappointed. sure, i cried when the camera panned to the dead bodies of Lupin & Tonks, as well as Fred, but the bypassing of key parts in the book left me annoyed and un-sated.

ok, i’m not in the movie industry but i am aware enough of budgets, limitations on time and cinematography, as well as what would translate well onto screen. i just feel there were key elements that were ignored, evidenced by comments from friends who questioned a few things that were not depicted on screen but detailed in the book. my comments to them have been “READ THE BOOKS” because telling them what happens is too long, plus, i would butcher it with my soapbox chatter.

since this is my space, imma tell you what i didn’t like about HP7 part ii.

1. not enough back history on Albus Dumbledore & his siblings. i had a friend who actually thought he was a bad guy.
2. the way HP appeared in the school auditorium in front of Snape, no bueno. i just did not like it. sure it saved time for him to not have to go to Ravenclaw’s common room & find the diadem in there blah blah blah, it rubbed me the wrong way.
3. what happened to the centaurs? the house elves?
4. characters and relationships. i feel that while the movie was visually stunning, it was at the sake of character interactions and relationships. i hated that the deaths of lupin+tonks and fred were not there, we just see their dead bodies. i wanted to see them fight, for themselves, for harry and for the entire wizarding community, i wanted to see their valiant deaths, not their still figures. i ship the hell out of hermione+ron, always have. their union was much celebrated but in the movies? it was rather understated and in the final movie? barely there. that’s on the romance level. longbottom + luna? i mean, REALLY??? to have him say he was batty for her and then at the very end when they did the 19 years later bit, have no mention or pan to them together on the platform with their kids? IT’S BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T END UP TOGETHER. speaking of that end scene, there was no mention of any other supporting character and what happened to them, just the assured interaction between couples hermione+ron and ginny+harry and their respective spawns going off to school. NOTHING other than a fast screen of malfoy’s wife hugging their kid, no interaction between draco & harry. wtf? basically, i wanted a COMPLETE picture of what happened to everyone, not just them 4.


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