Running Update

i started running again last week. this will not come a surprise to you but i hated it. my next 5K race is next month and it’ll be part trail in the august heat and i need to prepare for it. last monday was a killer 100F at 5pm and i only managed a mile of actual running and the remaining mile was spent trying to keep my shit together. not even running around hopkins’ track with beautiful coeds cheered me up. after that run i decided to give morning running a go.

wednesday morning at 5:30 it was already 75F and i managed a little more than mile, while $5wordGuy* busted out 2.5miles.

friday morning at 5:49am, which was when i opened my eyes, it was 85F. i nixed running that day. it hit 103F!

yesterday i broke down and ran on the treadmill inside. i managed 2 miles in 28 minutes with a slight incline. it looks like this week will be indoor running as the heatwave is being an unrelenting bitch. i’m not having any shin splints but my lower back is a bit sore. i am feeling a little out of sorts with this heat, lethargic and restless, as well as useless. it’s not a nice feeling.


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