in exactly one week it’ll be 6 months since i met $5wordGuy*. it seems like i’ve known him longer. we don’t do anything on the 9th of every month, we acknowledge it and move on. that is not to say that we don’t celebrate the milestones in our relationship. it’s been an effortless work in progress. recap of the last few months, shall we?

+we had our first fight a couple of weeks ago. it was over washing dishes. i like to soak the dishes in the sink, makes for much faster washing and clears up the adjacent countertop that houses the dishes as they dry. he likes to keep the sink clear and pick up dishes one at a time, in whatever resting place they’re at (bedroom, living room, window sill, end table…) i’m all about consolidating and moving minimally from the sink as i do the wash up. he likes to take his time, scrape endlessly on a plate and then even DRY it before going onto the next dirty item. yeah. i know.
+we are planning our first weekend away in October. to philly. to see Matt Nathanson in concert (never you mind that we’re seeing him 4 days prior in DC). we’re making 48 hours out of it and i am deliciously excited over it.
+we’ve merged cell phone bills. and laundry. of the latter, he does the laundry. i hate laundry. so he does it. he also vacuums.
+we switch off on cooking duties which is such a relief.
+we have discussed spawning. which is a hilarious and sobering thought.
+i’m seriously contemplating having a cat with him. i hate cats. but they make him so happy. seems like an easy enough way to make this man happy.
+we attended an open house at a beautiful row home. i ixnayed the place before we even set foot & i’m happy to say he agreed with all my gripes, prior and after.
+his parents are coming to town this weekend. i’ve been delegated back to my abode for the 3 days they’re in town. his mother is a fan of my food writing, even comments on occasion and has requested TWO items from me. i don’t even know where to begin to dissect my feelings on this whole thing. we’ll just leave it at that.


One response to “progression

  1. sounds like things are going great! too funny on the ‘big argument’ (you’re right and he’s wrong, btw) 😉

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