right now, 3.1miles might as well be a hundred miles. i ran 3.1miles today in 39 minutes. the last time i ran was a week ago. i took the rest of last week off because of a very mild nausea feeling that i could not shake. i nixed coffee from my diet, taking in the wrath of caffeine withdrawals for 4 days, tempering it with small sips gulps of iced tea. $5wordguy’s parents were in town over the weekend, i’m sure that added to my anxiety, as flippant as i tried to be. i have an MIA tenant, who packed up his shit and just fucking left without word (hence, the MIA distinction), which is now resulting in me scrambling to change the locks and ask obnoxious questions to potential tenants. thank gawd for prime real estate in hospital and university territory.

i had a dream last night of waking up to a very loose tooth, the kind that you had when you were 8 and your entire grill was missing already because your adult teeth were coming in. i have a teeth grinding problem which usually is an indication of crazy mad stress. normally i seek the kitchen for solace but this fucking heat is driving me out. i have a few bites of food and i’m ready to vomit. water tastes like shit, i’ve taken to drinking sprite. for once, i’m anxiously waiting for this summer to go away, to somehow take away some of this negative energy.

in the meanwhile, i’ve a race in two weeks, part trail, on hill, in this summer heat. what crack was i smoking to sign up for an august race?


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