half a year

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last night marked 6 months for me and $5wordGuy*. it’s not like we celebrate monthly milestones, but we do make note of the 9th. we spent the evening with friends at the Melissa Etheridge concert. (that woman has some pipes!)

we email everyday. today’s email exchange:

Me: The Hardness of Life
darling love,

know what’s hard?

a. running 3.1 miles in a respectable time.
even harder: keeping in mind that speed is not my forte, it never was, and i should remember that finishing in one piece is the bigger prize.

b. having a redhead hooker comment bomb my love note to you.
even harder: to not laugh when said redhead hooker writes you a separate love note about how totally gay for you i was.

c. deciding on what to have for lunch.
even harder: determining out of all that i choose which items have dairy.

d. being apart from you for 3 nights, 4 days.
even harder: my schedule is so erratic with meet/greets, happy hours and dinners and you’re not around to save me when i rub my eyebrow!

i love you.

My amazing Lan,

I am glad you are continuing to push yourself, and I intend to do some training of my own during the weekend while you are, sadly, so far away. I hope to run a bit more that a 5k, just as some minor prep for the relay.

I enjoy having both of your comments. You are both wonderful additions to my life, though you are the most wonderful by powers of ten to the infinite power.

Please do eat something good. And I sincerely wish for your stomach to settle and for your energy to stay up. You should be youthful and vibrant in these years. You should also feel as good as you look!

I will miss you immensely, and can’t wait for you to return. While you are gone I will do the dishes.

I love you with all my heart.


2 responses to “half a year

  1. There are no words for how very much I love this and how it warms my heart to think of the smile it brings you. I was going to say good luck trumping the auspicious one year anniversary, but judging from this, I hardly doubt that will be an issue.

  2. very sweet ……. you’re both very lucky to have one another and from the sounds of it, you’re both well aware …..

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