i’m not sick, $5wordGuy* is.

he’s an eater, he is capable of putting away enough food to feed a small village and maintain a stick figure. it’s amazing. i think he met his match on Sunday at a family picnic.

banh xeo is a vietnamese crepe that is fried, and to make them extra crispy, you add more oil during the cooking process.

the record number of crepes consumed: 9
he consumed: 7

he was not doing well last nite.

i am not a sympathetic person when it comes to the sick. i can whip up a great chicken noodle soup, i can fetch meds, i’ll even clean up the mess. but i stay clear of until whatever virus is in the air is gone. this is for those stricken with the flu, simple cold, chicken pox or a broken limb. i don’t like to listen to the whine. i prefer you to suffer in silence. because that is how i am when i am sick.

$5wordGuy* called me a shitty nurse last night and all i could do was laugh.

he speaks such truth.

i did respond that i should’ve put that on my profile in which he retorted that it would’ve made a big difference in his decision to contact me.

oh sick people are such drama queens.


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