prior to writing this post i had hopes that i would say that i am treating myself to a new outfit or that i got that ever elusive runner’s high. alas, none of that. it’s not all negative tho. i beat my previous race by a minute-ish, yes, (37:14) but i had my heart set on 35 minutes. i am uninjured, i am barely sore and i already have my sights on another race in a couple of weeks for labor day weekend. onwards.

i did strike a deal with $5wordGuy* that should i do “well” he would treat me to a new outfit, the definition of “well” being vague. i finished and he decreed that that constitutes as well. so i will get my new outfit afterall! hooray!

in the meantime, i have plans for 3.5 mile runs this week by the lake in the city, for some much needed change of scenery, as well as getting off that blasted treadmill. i’m not loving it but i’m still doing it, one begrudging step at a time.


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